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About Bank Robber

This Proudly developed and designed in Poland game is an outcome of the hard work of our dedicated team of professionals

Driven by Technology

Innovative solutions
that boost our creative project

We have made our dreams come true by gathering our ideas

  • Will not reqire a gaming license.
  • Fully controled over the internet.
  • Only high quality materials used.
  • Full technical support.
Electronic Parts
Testing Hours
People involved
Months of Warranty


Proven software integrated into hard, top quality shell and remotely operated with the sophisticated on-line system. This unit can be totally controlled by regardless of the place it's location.

Intel Inside

  • Reliable
  • Tested
  • Functional

Our self-developed software totally reliable and fully tested for its 100% hacking safety.


On-Line connection

  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Unlimited

Every unit is fully controlled by an on-line operator. There is no action that cannot be remotely checked from our headquarter office.


Quality Design

  • Concept
  • Design
  • 3D Modeling

Our case was very well designed with possible future upgrade in mind. We left no place for mistakes when in comes to player's safety and provider's security.


Game Rules

It is a very simple, yet sophisticated design that gives the player a desire to win big while keeping a provider's commission on a high level at the same time.

  • Stock the Coins

    Simple rules to follow

    The player must build the stock of coins that when gathered will reward him with a certain bonus relevant to the number of coins in stock.

  • Hit Bonus Slot

    Chance to random payoff

    The player is challenged from time-to-time by a random bonus that needs to be activated within seconds in order to be paid off.

  • Win Jackpot

    High price Jackpot available

    Every once a while the system gives a chance hit a Jackpot. This is like a Las Vegas top winning Jackpot that makes People rich.


Our Video Presentation

This short video clip is a brief presentation of how the initial game look like. It is made for presentation purposes only and shows the prototype software. But the idea of game is exactly what You can see here.

See our YouTube Channel


Some of our clients are already living proof of how good our product is comparing to units advertised by our Competitors:

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